Every gardener has his or her own way of growing tomatoes and other vegetable. You probably already have a good understanding of yourself and your own gardening style, and you will be able to adapt organic gardening to your present gardening abilities. This will be of great assistance for your tomato crop and you will gain an edge over other gardeners. But the big question is, just what are these different gardening types? This article will cover some of the possible types that may suit you.

Home Gardening

This is the most common type of gardening technique. If you have just started or are a beginner you may not be ready or inclined to produce tomatoes or other vegetables in commercial quantities. Thus, home gardening will be just right for you. The main objective of home gardening is to try and sustain a family of two with a regular supply of vegetables.

Residential gardening requires very little space. It can also be done in window boxes on balconies and on many other small areas that are available to you, that is as long as they have enough of a light source. Growing this way is easy for you to monitor, also it is easy to maintain as well, which means you can keep on top of any nasty little pests. The best thing about residential gardening is that way it ushers the gardening wannabe with ease from having no prior planting experience to expanding to the various other gardening styles

Specialized Gardening

Specialized gardening is normally for non residential areas that are often marketed as parks, botanical gardens, amusement parks and other tourist attractions fall under this category. Normally a staff is required to maintain these places, this is due to there size, also administrative skills will be required on top of gardening expertise.

Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening comes under the wide umbrella of residential gardening. The types that come in this category are conservatories, greenhouses and academic institutions. Buildings with heating and air conditioning may used to grow certain types of plants. If you are the type of gardener who really loves cultivating plants in and out of season, then indoor gardening is for you

Water Gardening

If you want a garden that requires only minimal supervision, then water gardening will be for you. This can often be a bit of a challenge for any gardener because it moves away from the traditional gardening techniques that most people are familiar with. But this style appeals to many because of the aesthetic look it brings to there garden.

So there are a few different gardening styles to help give you an idea on what may be suitable for you. There are obviously many more types for you to choose from but the most important thing is just to get out there and start growing.