Bird houses can add charm, whimsy and beauty to your garden as well as a place for birds to nest. However, there are safety factors to consider when buying or building a bird house. There are some birds that will use a bird house and others that are not attracted to them.

Types of Bird Houses

The type of bird house you choose will depend on the type of bird that you want to attract to your garden. Bird houses come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. One of the best types of bird houses is the wooden one.

There are several reasons to choose a wooden bird house. Wooden bird houses can breathe for ventilation, are durable and good insulating properties. Gourds are another good material for bird houses. They are functional, breathable, and attractive. Properly designed pottery, concrete, and plastic houses will breathe and are also durable. When choosing the bird house always check for adequate ventilation, drainage, and easy access for maintenance and monitoring. Also consider safety and maintenance.

Safety and Proper Maintenance
Items to consider once you have chosen the type of bird house that you want are ventilation, drainage, ease of access for maintenance and protection from predators.

You should also make sure that no harmful chemicals where used on the materials used for the building of your bird house. You would not want your new friends to become sick. Part of proper maintenance of your new bird house is to check them for unwanted critters, such as fleas, wasp, or flies. Sometimes mice and others will want to take up residence in your bird house. The main thing to remember if this happens is to remove them.

If insects are the problem, use only pesticides that are not harmful to your feathered friends. ?If wasps are a problem, coat the inside top of the box with bar soap? (US Fish & Wildlife Service “Homes for Birds?). One of the problems that you may encounter while cleaning the nest and parasites or insects are present, baby birds may also be present. If one of the baby birds gets out of the nest you can pick it up and put it back where it was. Birds have a lousy sense of smell and they will not reject the babies because you helped them.

Don?t let the care and safety be a deterrent in deciding whether or not to install a bird houses. The upkeep and maintenance is part of the joy and can be a wonderful way to learn more about your new birds. You will quickly become a backyard birder with your new bird house or houses. The joy of watching beautiful birds provides immeasurable pleasure.