Many people believe that you can easily make money by growing tomatoes. The truth is that you can make a good profit but it is not as easy as it seems. Contrary to what you might believe, out of all vegetables (I know it’s technically a fruit) tomatoes bring in the biggest costs to start a crop.

Good news that has to be mentioned is that the tomato market is big and this means the returns that you can gain are also pretty substantial if all is done properly. Remember that all tomatoes will not resist frost as they are warm season crops. If you are living in the right climate you will have no problems. If not you might want to think about using greenhouses or even growing tomatoes indoors.

In order to grow your tomatoes for profits you will need to keep control of the entire planting and growing process. 8000 tomato plants can grow from just one ounce of good seeds but only when the quality is high. Heirloom tomatoes can be a good variety to choose to give you something more unique and tasty to offer if selling to the public from the ‘farm gate’ or at farmers markets (just check your local regulations for any rules or restrictions you may have to stick to). They can be a little harder to grow as there are many old heirloom varieties grown from seeds that have been saved over the years and passed down from one generation to the next. The amount of produce you yield might be lower as they do not have as much resistance to disease but they are full of flavor which is what will bring your customers back for more, helping to keep the demand (and price you can charge) high and your home tomato growing business profitable and thriving.


The seeds that you buy need to come from those growers that enjoy the best possible reputation. Always make sure that you are checking planting dates that are suitable for your location. Based on state you are living in you are to see different perfect times. We also recommend that you take a soil sample and have it analyzed. This is to aid much when determining the fertilizer type that has to be used.

You will need to pay attention to the distance you are setting rows. It may be a bit different with greenhouse tomatoes but in most cases they need to be around 6 feet apart. Also, there is a need for space for seedlings too. Around 24 inches is a perfect distance between them.

The soil needs to be watered when transplanting tomatoes before you actually move the plants. Never make any transplant if you are faced with hot weather. Make sure that you never neglect irrigation. Tomatoes do need good quantities of water in order to develop properly. Also, when harvesting make sure that you do it in the morning and not while the weather is too hot.