What can you do if your soil is not suitable in terms of nutrients for growing tomatoes? Are you faced with a lot of garden pests that are eating your tomatoes before you get a chance to pick them? Perhaps you do not even have a garden and you’re sick and tired of the tomatoes in the supermarket that have no taste.

Whenever you’re faced with these situations a great solution worth considering is growing upside down tomatoes. This can be achieved by using a bucket. You will only need a 5 gallon bucket, potting mix, Spanish moss, Stanley knife and a tomato species that you like.

Obviously you will first need to buy buckets; five gallon buckets work well. They should have both a handle and a lid. The lid will assist in keeping the moisture in the bucket but it you don’t have a lid you’ll just need to water your plants more frequently. In most shops a good bucket costs under $1.

Now you’ll need to use that small drill to create a hole in the bottom of your bucket. It needs to be around the size of a quarter or a little bigger. File off the sharp edges if you want to although it may not be necessary in most situations.

After all this is done we can get to planting. Simply put in the plant through the bottom hole. The roots need to stay inside while the plant has to remain outside. The tomato roots should be wrapped with Spanish moss. 2 inches is the space that has to be covered by the bucket.

The next step needed is hanging the bucket. Fill it with soil that is suitable for growing tomatoes until the bucket is around three quarters full. You need to water the plant daily during summer; during fall less water is required. Remember that the upside down tomatoes will grow strongly so support them properly as they are growing. The entire job is done and now you have upside down tomatoes.