Growing tomatoes is easy and you’ll be amazed at the taste difference in home grown tomatoes! (And in home grown green beans, peas, lettuce, herbs, and peppers.) Growing tomatoes is one of the great pleasures of summer living. Most years they are easy to grow and almost every house has enough sunshine and soil to grow a bountiful crop.

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Growing tomatoes is a very popular form of gardening. But for many people today the reality is that they live in an apartment or a condo, where there is no possible access to a garden, and the only real access to the outdoors is the balcony. For these people, growing tomatoes in containers or pots can be very successful. Growing your own tomatoes is also well worth the effort, as the difference between store bought and home grown is like night and day.

Growing tomatoes is easily done if they are given reasonable care. The site should receive a minimum of six hours of sun per day. Growing tomatoes is a favorite vegetable gardening pastime and there is no mystery to growing heritage tomatoes.

Growing tomatoes is a great way to make use of an organic garden, and of all garden vegetables, the tomato (which is technically actually a fruit!) is possibly the most common. There are two main categories of tomatoes: determinate varieties, which stop growing at about 4 feet in height, and indeterminate varieties, which just keep on growing, and tend to produce more fruit per square inch. Growing tomatoes is a very enjoyable hobby. They are fun, easy, and just a few plants will provide enough fruit for your entire family.