Everybody has different tastes and preferences and this is also true when it comes to gardening. Some people find one garden appealing while others may not, however, it is reasonably safe to say that the vast majority of folk enjoy trees. A quality garden often features at least one specimen tree or a small number of small trees as a backdrop to their flower garden.

Specimen trees are those types of tree which has something appealing about it that is rather unique. Such a tree may have beautiful and fragrant blossom or maybe unusual fruits. Other specimen trees may have unusual architectural qualities about them such as the monkey puzzle tree or corkscrew hazel.

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Even in the smallest of backyards it is often possible to include a small specimen tree. When choosing a specimen tree it is important to choose one which is suitable for use as a focal point to your garden design. When restricted by space common garden and landscaping designs are simply not possible. In such cases you always need to keep in mind that you do not need to follow any set design, you need to adapt designs to match the space available. So it may not be possible to place specimen trees in a central location but this is not a necessity, often a specimen tree placed in a corner can bring that small portion of your yard to life.

Another factor in moving away from a centrally located tree is that is helps create the appearance of space. When placed in the centre of a small yard a tree can sometimes make a space appear smaller! One advantage to using trees in small spaces is that you will only need to buy one, or possibly two, trees. Therefore your budget may be able to accommodate the purchase of a more expensive, high quality, unique or unusual tree which further enhances your yards beauty.

Evergreen or Deciduous?

Evergreen trees are those types of tree which do not lose their leaves during the cooler months of the year. The great thing about using evergreens in a small yard is that there are often dwarf or miniature species available which means that it becomes possible to grow more than one tree and even a collection of evergreens with different hues. In such backyard designs it is possible to create a small garden which maintains color throughout the year.

Deciduous trees are those types of tree which lose their leaves during the colder months of the year. Although many consider the leaf drop too much of a problem when such trees are grown in small spaces it is a matter of opinion. Deciduous species often have unique qualities and their continual change through the seasons often creates different moods and adds interest to a small place. Species such as corkscrew hazel or willow can look spectacular during the winter months as their main appeal is their contorted branches which are not really visible with leaves present.

Other types of trees and shrubs can bring great interest to a small space. Dogwoods are available which have a variety of differently colored branches ranging from deep black through to red and even bright yellow. Maples and Japanese Maples are often a good choice for a small yard as they can be kept small and their brightly colored and ever changing leaves add color and interest to even shady corners.

Overall creating a garden in a small backyard is not an impossibility. In fact there are so many species of trees and plants available which are highly suitable for use in small spaces that you may surprise yourself at what is truly possible.