Growing tomatoes outdoors is great fun. Anyone can do this although there are some things that you need to be conscious of. Even pros will sometimes make mistakes when planting vegetables. These are the facts that everyone that wants to grow tomatoes outdoors has to think about.

Taking care of tomatoes is not the factor that is the most important when growing plants. That part is very easy and anyone can do it. What many do neglect is how important the site is when planting tomatoes.

This is especially true if you live in a colder climate. For instance, the tomatoes ripen more if they are facing South walls. If you currently do not have it then one great idea is to build it. You also need to add fertilizer two weeks prior to planting the seeds.

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As soon as you have the seeds you can plant them but you need to be careful. Contrary to what many believe, tomatoes should be planted in May. For the soil to give more protection it has to be warm. You need to create a row and then make holes at intervals of around half a meter.

Take out the plant from the pot in the event that you are planting already grown vegetables and make sure that you are very careful with the roots. As the plant will grow so will its requirement for support so you have to use canes that you can push in the soil.

Now the one really big problem in growing tomatoes outdoors is the environment. You need to protect your tomatoes and take care of them more than compared to an indoor scenario. Also, extra plant parts have to be cut regularly.

In a colder environment just 3 trusses have to be allowed before pinching them out. In warm areas you can allow a maximum of five to form. You will also need to water the tomatoes regularly or you will be faced with a lot of problems.