You have probably heard of hydroponics even if you are not sure of exactly what is involved. When growing tomatoes hydroponically you basically use water and a solution to feed your plant instead of it getting the nutrients it needs from soil. Tomatoes grown this way offer you a better taste when compared to regular methods of growing.

Home grown hydroponic tomatoes should not be confused with commercially grown ones. Most of the commercially grown tomatoes using this particular method are picked green. This is the main reason why a lot of people think that all hydroponically grown tomatoes are simply tasteless. If you choose this method at home you will be able to pick the fruit when it is ripe and it will taste great.


If you want to grow your tomatoes by using this method you need a good hydroponic growing system. Such a system is actually quite popular in agriculture these days. We are referring to an agriculture form we see to be highly profitable. This is a particular technology that can be used to grow plants in different nutrient solutions. This basically means that the roots will stay in fertilizers and water and no artificial medium is utilized.

Also, any surplus solution is to be recovered, recycled and replenished so there is very little waste. The tomatoes you will grow hydroponically will have a better taste because the perfect environment for development is offered. Basically we eliminate soil and by doing so we also eliminate all problems associated with it. We only use good ratios and this helps the tomato mature really fast and without any damage.

In order to grow your tomatoes you will need to first plant them hydroponically. A good growing establishment can be offered with the use of pots that have holes. The perfect solutions can be purchased at all times. This means that you are not required to necessarily create them yourself. You will only need some extra rockwool slabs.

After you plant there is a need to always keep the temperature in the room around 70 degrees in daytime and 10 less at night. Provide lightning with the use of blue light for around 18 hours daily. Keep checking the humidity so that it is always around 70% and you have the perfect growing environment for hydroponic tomatoes – essentially the fundamental process and actions you need to take are the same as with growing all regular tomato plants.