What are Heritage Tomatoes?

A heritage or heirloom tomato is one of many old varieties from which seeds have been saved over the years and passed down from one generation to the next. Most tomatoes purchased in a grocery are hybrids. Hybrids have been bred to produce greater yields, uniformity, shipping durability and long shelf life – rather than flavor. Heritage tomatoes stand out first and foremost for their amazing flavors. They frequently have distinctive shapes, tastes and colors (purples, oranges, greens and yellows). Many of them are just as hardy and sturdy as hybrid varieties.

Why are Heritage Tomatoes So Highly Prized?

Heritage tomatoes are highly prized by chefs, and anyone who appreciate fine food the world over because they are generally grown organically, are valued for their health giving antioxidants, vitamins, and cancer preventing agents, as well as their delightful rainbow of colors and their magnificent flavor.

Where Can I Get Heirloom Heritage Tomatoes?

Heritage tomatoes are frequently sold at the farm gate where they’ve been vine ripened. If you’d prefer to grow your own heritage tomatoes look for a seed supplier who specializes in heirloom or heritage seeds. Organizations like Seeds of Diversity have members who collect and share many varieties of fruits and vegetables including heritage tomatoes. An internet search for heritage seed programs should turn up several suppliers.

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