It is possible to grow indoor tomatoes. We all know that tomatoes that we grow ourselves taste better than those we buy at the supermarket. Let us think about what you need to know if you are considering growing tomatoes indoors.

The first step is to research tomato varieties. Look for a tomato variety that can grow in a pot and is pest resistant. Not all tomatoes can handle an indoor environment. Then we have to analyze the soil. A standard potting soil mix made out of equal parts of vermiculite, sphagnum peat and perlite is ideal. The PH can easily be adjusted if you use one hydrated lime teaspoon for every gallon of soil mix.

Discover How To Grow Great Tomatoes Indoors

After your soil is prepared you have to use your tomato seeds. It is always a little difficult to do this. Growing a plant is equally important when compared to starting seeds. When planting your tomato seeds you need to make sure that you plant them around a quarter of an inch deep with 8 seeds per inch. After your planting is over you need to cover the plants for a few days.

Now the easiest part of growing tomatoes indoors is taking care of them. They should be placed under two or three grow lights that need to stay on from 12 to 14 hours daily. You can use an inexpensive light fitting with grow light tubes installed.

An ideal temperature for growing tomatoes indoors is 70 degrees in daytime and 65 degrees in nighttime. Transplanting the plants will become necessary after they reach a minimum height of around 12 inches when you’ll need to move them into one gallon containers. After around 2 months you should see the fruit ready for picking.

When you grow tomatoes indoors you will find the most difficult part being flowering. Force flowering has to be known for all to work perfectly. You can see that one tomato will flower in 2 months while the one near it can even stay 80 days till flowering. If you want to begin flowering the plant has to be moved in a container of 3 gallons. What you always have to remember is that if you have problems do not hesitate to ask for help. You can both flower and grow tomatoes indoors but you will find it to be a little more difficult when compared to an outdoors environment.