How To Grow Tomatoes Organically

Organic vegetables are becoming more popular and growing tomatoes organically is an easy and popular hobby. The tomatoes will taste better and it is quite easy to follow an organic growing method. If you grow your tomatoes organically you will always know that you are enjoying fresh and completely natural vegetables. However, if you want to grow tomatoes organically there are several things to consider.

One fact that stands out as critic is paying a lot of attention to everything that you use. We are saying this because a lot of people will end up using synthetic pesticides. The use of chemicals is to be avoided at all times.

Also, always think about where you plant the tomatoes. They will need a sunny spot to grow and access to water is necessary. You have to basically purchase one good tomato variety that has proven itself in the climate and conditions offered by the location where you live. Different types will do better in different climates.

The soil where the tomatoes will grow also has to be completely organic. This will aid in growing great roots. Organic fertilizers should be utilized in order to feed your tomatoes and weekly feeding is necessary. The fertilizer needs to be balanced and should constantly release nutrients.

Good air circulation is required and a good distance must be kept from pathogens in the soil. This is usually done with the use of tall stakes or, alternatively, tomato cages. Always make sure that your tomatoes receive plenty of water. If needed, you may need to install an irrigation system. Soil needs to be warm at root level.

The one last thing that has to be considered is insects whenever growing organic tomatoes. You need to encourage those that are beneficial and watch for those that are pests.

You must not use synthetic pesticides so you will need to be vigilant. You can use mixes that you will find in organic supply shops for this and in fact your local gardening supply store will be a great source of information and professional advice on tomato growing. Companion planting can also be extremely beneficial is keeping unwanted pests away from your tomato crop.