Winter offers a challenge for all people that love tomatoes. The vegetables that you buy in a supermarket are simply tasteless and few people want them. They are usually hard, pale, and tasteless? imitations of the juicy ripe tomatoes of summer. However, during winter you can use your own home in order to grow your very own tomatoes.

There is no real need to build a greenhouse if you want to spend your winter growing indoor tomatoes. There are different species that both taste great and can handle an indoor environment. For instance, Window Sill tomatoes grow perfectly in any six inch pot if the right potting soil is utilized. Keep in mind that you will also need fertilizer, plant stakes and seed starter mix. Window Sill tomatoes stand out as smaller if we compare them to different outdoor species. Even though they are smaller size, all is made right by the wonderful flavor.

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In order to continuously have tomatoes during winter you will need to start one to two plants every two weeks. Starter mix needs to be used in order to germinate seeds in small pots. Plant every seed around one quarter deep in the soil. The starter mix soil needs to be watered constantly although there is a need for attention as many add too much water.

The germination is over in a maximum of 10 days and after that everything can be put in the potting soil. Fertilize on a regular basis and water as needed. When the plant blooms you have to remember to tap the main stem and the large side branches. Occasionally you need to turn your plants so that sun reaches every side of them. When a plant is no longer productive cut it right at the base so that you can save potting soil and make new transplants next year. You are also faced with the possibility of growing tomatoes in an indoor environment all year round.